Welcome next-gen BarqSMS Control Panel

The Most Advanced Control Panel.


Two-Screens, And A System Under-Control.


Like Never Before.

In a glimpse;
Know it all.

You're looking at what you came to see;
The minute you enter.

Change view.

As of Today, As of Yesterday, As you like.

Enter table.

Click any Block;
And see where he got that number from.


The best way to get numbers right out form tables.


Action List.

One place; All tasks.

All tasks

User requests; Warnings; Recommendations. All tasks you need them done organized in one place, That’s A.List.


Focus on your next action, stay on track; It’s designed for that.



filterswriting a filter


As you want.

Some stumbles with one letter out; Some gets it with all words out,
Thanks to Hierarchy Recognition and Data Integration.


The graphical filters; Yet another great invention.

Textual filters are enough of a great feature, but we couldn’t stop there.

pods in action

text command logo

text command.

A Shortcut Way to command the system.

The possibilities are endless with commands like add a user, add credit, along with navigation and more.
text command overlay Press [Control] [Space] type a command hit enter; done.
Mobile too.
mobile text command

Systematic Messages.

A Breakthrough In Automated Messaging.

systematic messages overlay
meet ease of use.

Set event, message and recipients, let some pods in.
It’s the system way to say hi.

Data Station.

Enjoy RAW Database Edits.

Overview tables with actual data samples.
overview tables The first three fields in the first row of all tables summarized to give you an idea of that table’s content.
Edit a table.
edit a table Get the data you’re looking for, edit, delete or add a new row.
Add a row.
add a row


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